A downloadable game for Windows

Coloured World is a game where you travel through 40+ levels on the way to the final boss.
On this colourful adventure you have one ability: Dashing. Use this ability to dash enemies into obstacles and clear your way!

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Coloured World v1.0.0.rar 12 MB


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Wow, that took a while to complete :o

If there was a Restart button, I would keep clicking it when there's too many colours at the boss level :p

While some of the levels had me starting over and over again, the game makes it clear that you are the one at fault, though it would be helpful if the spikes-covered cubes didn't get coloured at all each time something collides with them, as I kept running into them whenever I was luring/running away from an enemy :(

The boss fight was quite interesting, and made more difficult by the colours remaining on the battlefield each time you die or the boss's bullets hit the spikes :p

This game is very good, sliding squares and burst into obstacles, a chaos of colors is formed, like in Splatoon, but more relaxing because of the music, and that is of maze-platform genre.

Thank you! :)