A downloadable game for Windows

The light is gone... The dark spread almost everywhere and destroyed almost every light left. You are the only one with enough light power to fight the dark.

On your adventure through 25+ levels you will need to reactivate the light sources and clear the dark, avoiding different obstacles and enemies.

(Controller supported)

Update 1.0.1

  • Jumping/Walljumps more forgiving, should feel better now
  • Switch between fullscreen and windowed mode in the options


Light The Dark 1.0.1.exe 6 MB


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Finally, a game that I love but you should definitely change the style of the background while in pause mode. You may like to see this vid:


Awesome game :)


What a beautiful game! The right amount of challenging AND the right amount of fun! Kudos to you and I definitely hope this one picks up!

I did a playthrough/walkthrough of the game: